The God


The tiger kept attacking public places. The people got panicked. The cow, the calf and even men were being killed by the tiger. One day, everyone got out of their house, gathered together and killed a tiger with sticks, spears, lances, and guns. One tiger died, but came another. People prayed to God in the end-

God, Please, protect us from the tiger.”

The God answered, Okay.

Immediately, the tiger came to God’s court and made a complaint against people, “We got restless due to the torture of human beings. We are always running away from one forest to another. The hunter doesn’t leave us in peace. Please, solve the problem.”

The God said, Okay.

Right away, Nera’s mother prayed to God, “Oh father, give my son Nera a beautiful wife. Please, Lord! I will make offerings of sirni (sweet) worth five poisha to you.”

The God said, Okay.

Harihar Bhattacharya was going to court to file a case against his nephew. He addressed God, “I have been worshiping you all my life. I have also made my body lean by fasting. I want to give my nephew a good lesson. Please, God, help me.”

The God Said, Okay.

Shushil will sit for an exam. Every day, he said to God, “Lord, make me pass the exam.” Today, he told God, “If you get me the scholarship, I will spend five Taka for the sake of you.”

The God said, Okay.

Haren Purakayastha wanted to be the chairman of the District Board. He requested God through a priest named Kali, “I want eleven votes!” The priest, getting a large honorarium, made God restless by pronouncing erroneous Sanskrit mantra. Give vote, give vote–

The God said, Okay, Okay.

Farmers said with their hands raised above, “God, give us water.”

The God said, Okay.

A sick child’s mother appealed to God, “I only have one child. Please, Lord, don’t take him away from me.”

The God said, Okay.

Aunt Khenti from a neighboring house said to God about the women, “Hey God, she is a very egoistic woman. Adorned with new ornaments, she underestimates everyone. You have done a great job by making her child suffer. Give the woman a proper lesson.”

The God said, Okay.

A philosopher said, “Hi God, I want to understand you.”

The God said, Okay.

The chinese cried, “Rescue us from Japanese.”

The God said, Okay.

A young writer from Bangladesh told God, “No editor publishes my write-ups. I want them to be published in the Probasi, a literary magazine. Ask Ramananda Babu, the editor of the Probasi, to be kind to me.”

The God said, Okay.

When God got a moment free, he said to the Brahma, sitting next to him, “Is there any pure mustard oil in your house?”

The Brahma said, “Yes. What you will do with it?”

The God said, “I need it. Would you like to give me a little?”

The Brahma said with a smile on his face, “Of course, of course.”

Just as Mustard oil came from Brahma’s house, the God took a little into his nose and fell deep asleep.

He hasn’t woken up yet.



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